Newspaper of the malawi congress party

Malawi News was a continuation of the cyclostyled newsletter of the same name, edited by Aleke Banda. The need for a more professional and substantial newspaper that could act as a mouthpiece for Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda's, Malawi Congress Party (MCP), led to the formation of Malawi Press Limited in November 1959. The first issue of Malawi News Volume 2 was published in January 1960.

Orton Chirwa, interim leader of the MCP during Dr Banda's imprisonment at Gwelo (now Gweru) prison in Southern Rhodesia, described Malawi News as a 'political and social forum' for communicating MCP policy, and a vital medium to 'support, sustain and guide the Kamuzu government'. (Mackay, p. 112)

Twenty-nine issues of Malawi News Volume 2 (January 1960 - January 1961) have been digitised as part of the University of Stirling's Archives and Special Collections Crowdfunding Project and are available to view online at JSTOR Struggles for Freedom Archive - Malawi News.

For research enquiries or to arrange an appointment to view any of the materials in the collection, please contact the archives.


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