Published on the occasion of Malawi's independence, 1964

A Portrait of Malawi was published by the Ministry of Information of Malawi, to celebrate the independence of Malawi in 1964. It was the first publication to commemorate the country's independence from the African perspective and contained illustrations, maps, portraits, photography, and a history of Malawi from 1875 - 1964.

Malawi's national colours are red, green and black, and each colour has its meaning. The red symbolises the blood of the past, shed during the years of struggle leading to nationhood. The green is for the verdant land, and the black is for the people.

A Portrait of Malawi, p. 84

A copy of A Portrait of Malawi is available to view in the University of Stirling's Archives and Special Collections. For research enquiries or to arrange an appointment, please contact the archives.


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