Capital Development Authority (Tanzania)

The President has satisfied the choice of Dodoma itself as the capital, so the decision is now public and work may now proceed on the master plan.

Personal Journal, 20.11.1974

A Portrait of Dodoma was published in English and Swahili by the Capital Development Authority of Tanzania in 1975. The document includes chapters on the economic, social and cultural history of Dodoma, and details the process of relocating Tanzania's capital from Dar-es-Salaam to Dodoma through maps, concept and architectural drawings, photographic images and planning procedures.

A copy of A Portrait of Dodoma is available to view in the University of Stirling's Archives and Special Collections. For research enquiries or to arrange an appointment, please contact the archives.

This portrait of Dodoma describes the past, and present, human and natural environment. It thus provides an essential foundation for all who want to understand the decision to build a new capital city there. But this no dry 'required reading'; it is a well-written and interesting story about people and places [... ] In Swahili it is likely to be an attractive and useful addition to the literature available about our country.

Julius K. Nyerere, Foreword to A Portrait of Dodoma, 1975



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